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Legal Translations from French to Italian

traducteur juridique italien

Annamaria Taboga




Jurist and Freelance Legal Translator, from French to Italian

My customers are translation agencies, law firms, companies and individuals.

I'm a freelance translator for the Court of Justice of the European Union since 2013.

Certified translator pursuant to the Italian Standard UNI 11591:2015.

Registered Expert Translator with the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce, No. SV-661.

Qualified member of AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), No. 214096, and ANITI (Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters), No. 3533.

Member of TradInFo (Association of Translators and Interpreters).

Member of CALT - ACJT (Canadian Association of Legal Translators - Association canadienne des juristes-traducteurs).

Member of IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters), No. 2646.



Traduzioni legali

Traduzioni asseverate - giurate

francese > italiano




Traductions juridiques

Traductions assermentées

français > italien




Legal translations

Sworn Translations

French > Italian


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